About us

What is CEMS Club Belgium?

CEMS Club Belgium is the Louvain School of Management student club of CEMS. Throughout the year, we organize a variety of activities to enhance the CEMS experience for students, corporate partners, alumni, and staff. Seminars and workshops are one type of event, but there are also more casual, fun-filled events like cottage weekends, sports activities, humanitarian projects, and travels both at home and abroad. It is a super enriching experience to be part of the CEMS Club Belgium as it gives you responsibilities while also giving you the opportunity to connect even more to other CEMSies involved within the association.

How does the organization work?

Every semester a new board is elected by the previous board and starts a new wave of recruitment. Thanks to interviews with the HR manager and the president, we evaluate the motivation of the student and their future involvement within the team. Once the semester team is set up, it’s time to work ! The different departments work on several and various projects in order to enhance the CEMS experience for all the students. We organize events, conferences, parties, goodies, networking meetings, weekends and communicate all their projects to the LSM CEMS students. Our association is a real added value to give students a great experience during 2 years and to create a real community and friendship that will last once they are alumni.  Moreover, we also try to help student networking with the corporate & social partners.


CEMS was built on the vision of creating a bridge between the academic and corporate worlds. Since its creation in 1988, CEMS member schools have worked alongside industry and more recently NGO’s in providing expertise, insight and vision for all aspects of programme development, implementation and support.

Today, over 69 world-renowned companies operating in a variety of sectors and 8 non-profit organisations work together with students, alumni and faculty as a part of this global business network.

CEMS Corporate & Social Partners are active contributors to the CEMS network, interested in the development of international management education and recruitment. With the support of Corporate and Social Partners, CEMS is developing business leaders with professional responsibility and accountability in relation to society and the environment.